An ever increasing amount of information is available on the School’s public website. This includes School policies, letters home and information on School events. Our preferred method of communication with parents/carers will be via email and/or the text messaging system.

Office 365 or “MLE”

The School’s Office 365 site (or MLE – Managed Learning Environment) allows students and staff the ability to access the same School site they do when on School premises.

The site includes;

  • Information and resources uploaded by their teachers,

  • The ability to check School email,

  • Create Microsoft Office or Google documents online,

  • Store an unlimited amount of documents online using OneDrive or Google Drive,

  • Download a FREE copy of Microsoft Office to install at home,

  • Download and install the many Microsoft Office mobile apps,

  • Download and install the Show My Homework mobile app,

  • The site also allows the easy login of the Show My Homework site.

Show My Homework

The Show My Homework site helps students stay organised by having all issued homework in one place.

For Students

Students of King Edward VII School can access the Show My Homework site via the School’s Office 365 page (once they have a School username and password).

For Parents

Parents can also access the same site via the Parent Portal page on the School’s website. This allows parents to view all the homework assignments issued to their children, allowing them to keep informed and help their child keep on top of the work.

Mobile Application

The Show My Homework service also has a mobile application, making it even easier to see at a glance any homework that’s been issued. This app is available to both students and parents, once you have a username and password.

Parent Portal

The parent portal page on the School’s website allows parents to monitor the progress of their child more closely.

Parents have access to their child’s information via the internet using a secure username and password (a bit like internet banking). Allowing you to view the following information.

  • The contact and address details we hold,

  • Attendance data,

  • Assessment levels,

  • Digital copies of paper reports sent home to parents

You can check on your child’s progress as often as you want and always feel you are up to date with any issues surrounding your child. To access your child’s information please click on the “Parent Portal” tab on the School web site and then “Child Information”. You will be issued with a password when your child joins the School.